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Nonny visits an HA meeting

Hi. My name is Nonny, and I'm a former hero.

Hi Nonny!

It's been 4 years and 4 months since I did anything heroic, but I'm starting to slip a little. 

Recently I went to a neurologist to get an explanation of some symptoms I've been having, and I haven't been completely forthcoming about what I've learned with family and friends.  There's a lot more downside potential than I've told people.

Of course anybody could Google the subject and, if they know how to put a few things together, they could see for themselves. But I haven't been connecting the dots for them. 

Pretty passive-aggressive talk there, Nonny. 

Yeah, I know. All my friends and family are now being put to an invisible test. If they trust me to tell them everything, they'll fail. If they don't trust me, they'll probably still not have all the pieces to figure it out on their own, so they'll still fail. It's kind of a nasty way to treat people, when you get right down to it.

But I am keeping the reasons for anxiety and fear to myself, at least for now. 

There's nothing solid to be afraid of yet, though, is there Nonny?

Well, no. Beyond the initial, simple diagnosis and treatment it's all pretty uncertain. I'll have to take a test or two and wait for things to develop.

(low murmur of discussion)

Nonny, we've decided you're not backsliding here. There might be a trace of it in concealing your fear, but the passive -aggressive stuff more than erases that, and the fact that there's nothing concrete to really worry about yet is just frosting on the cake. So relax! Nothing heroic here.

*Whew.* Thanks, guys.

That's what we're here for, Nonny. But...a word of advice? Stay the *bleep* off Google. You don't need to borrow trouble by trying to get ahead of the doctors.

Uh... OK. Sorry.

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