a_nonny_mouse_9 (a_nonny_mouse_9) wrote,

Things which have to be done

I often think that the greatest lesson we can teach our children is the subordination of selfish personal desire to the necessities of duty, responsibility, honor and commitment.

I'm not sure that kids see all that much of it in action these days. There does not seem to be any shortage of people justifying their selfishness by insisting that they have a right to their own happiness, that they cannot love another without loving themselves first, that if you do not follow your feelings your life will be sterile, empty, and meaningless.

The results are everywhere --single parent households, kids looking everywhere and anywhere for emotional stability and integrity, disaffection and anomie...

I think people need to be more vocal in respecting those who keep their word instead of being enslaved by their shifts in mood.

I think people need to be more critical of those who abandon their responsibilities and shirk their duty.

I think anyone who isn't ashamed when they are revealed to have done a shameful thing should be shunned until they understand that some guilt and some shame are justified, and require that amends be made.

I think....

Oh, what does it matter what I think? "The line has been drawn; the curse has been cast..."

Gibbon marked the Fall of Rome as beginning with the death of Aurelius. I wonder where the future will mark ours?
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