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Former Hero

Nothing More Boring than a Glorious Past

Early middle-age and feeling lonely.

I was a hero a couple of times, and I miss feeling like my life made a difference. Can't live in the past, though.

I have dozens of interests, but am trying to limit the interests in my list to things of some current importance. Reading being very central, I include some of my favorite writers, including those who wrote books I liked as a kid.

This is the place I put things I wouldn't ordinarily say out loud. A place to externalize these things and see what they are. Throw away the stupid & useless; deal with the difficult and true.

If I've friended you, it's because I see something in what you're writing that makes me think you're honest, that you're looking to face your own previously unarticulated thoughts, that you might have something to tell me. That you might be heroic in the face of ordinary life, which needs a lot more heroism than we often think.

I've just started. Send anyone here who might fit the description.